Nexgen Broadband
We are now offering small business services! Including business IT setup to changing your old PBX phone system to a digital phone system.
Nexgen Broadband uses primarily fiber optic connections to bring Gigabit Broadband into rural areas. Easy to use through an advanced, user friendly and modern technology.

Security News

Russian hackers
Russian hackers are currently engaged in network attacks

Mbps Internet

Our baseline Internet speed for the average home user
100 Mbps

Mbps Internet

100 Mbps Internet for the Power Userfor either home or business.

1000 Mbps Internet

Our fastest Internet for the Ultimate experience for home or business

When and where is it available?

Nexgen Broadband is accepting sign ups for services in the Oldtown & Flintstone areas of Maryland!
True fiber optic networks bringing Gigabit broadband to rural areas!
Majority of our services will be provided through fiber-optic networks. For those homes or businesses located too far off the roads, we will be offering wireless Internet.

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Our company

Nexgen Broadband was created as a company to help bring true broadband into rural areas currently lacking speeds over 10 Mbps. Whether we build and own it or assist other companies through our broad understanding of the technology and our ability to lower traditional costs to an extreme level, Nexgen Broadband is here to help those areas lacking Broadband!